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Edward K. Zollars, CPA 


bullet American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
bullet AICPA Tax Section
bullet AICPA Information Technology Section
bullet Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA)
bullet ASCPA Tax Section
bullet ASCPA Information Technology Section
bullet Phoenix Tax Workshop

Professional Service Positions Held:

bullet ASCPA Information Technology Section Steering Committee (1999-present)
bullet ASCPA Tax Section Steering Committee (2002-present)
bullet ASCPA Tax Legislation Committee (2003-present)
bullet Phoenix Tax Workshop Advisory Council (2001-present)
bullet AICPA Tax Section Practice Improvement Committee (2002-2005)
bullet AICPA Tax Technology Committee member (1996-1999)
bullet AICPA Top Ten Technology Issues panelist (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)
bullet AICPA Information Technology Section Task Force for Comments on Proposed Changes to SSARS (2000)
bullet Sysop (moderator) AICPA Accountants Forum on CompuServe (1995-1997)

Author of Articles Published in:

bullet Practical Tax Strategies
bullet Journal of Accountancy (co-author of article reviewing professional tax preparation packages)
bullet The Tax Adviser
bullet CPA Letter
bullet IT Update
bullet Pro2Net Accounting Solutions

Spoken at Conferences Sponsored by:

bullet American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Tax Section
bullet Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants
bullet Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants
bullet Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants
bullet Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants
bullet Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants/Virginia Tech University

Ed Zollars joined the firm in May 1982, following graduation from Arizona State University earlier that month. Ed received the Moeur Award from ASU for graduating at the top of his undergraduate class. He passed the CPA exam that same month, and received his CPA certificate in 1984 after fulfilling Arizona's two year experience requirement.

Ed is a native of the Valley of the Sun, born at the former Williams Air Force Base. His father was in the U.S. Air Force until Ed was four years old, with assignments at Williams Air Force Base and near San Antonio, Texas during that time. After his father left the Air Force, the family moved back to Phoenix as his father took an assignment with the Arizona Air National Guard. Ed grew up and attended school in Phoenix, graduating from Carl Hayden High School in 1978.

Ed was previously a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Tax Section Tax Technology Committee. He currently a member of the Arizona Society of Certified Public Accountants Information Technology Committee. Ed has spoken at a number of meetings of the AICPA Tax Section, as well as making presentations at the 1999 AICPA National Conference on Federal Taxes. Ed has also made presentations for the Arizona Society of CPAs, the Florida Institute of CPAs, the Oklahoma Society of CPAs and the Virgina Society of CPAs.  

In the past year, Ed spoke at the Virginia Accounting and Auditing Conferences in Roanoke, VA and Virginia Beach, VA sponsored by the Virginia Society of CPAs and Virginia Tech University, at the Arizona Federal Tax Conference, the Oklahoma Tax Conference and the Ohio State and Federal Tax Conference.

Many of Ed's more recent presentations to CPAs are archived at the CPEMaterials web site that he maintains.  Ed also publishes a weekly podcast on tax matters at his Podcast website.

He was the author of an article on the final regulations on the sale of a principal residence that appeared in the March 2003 edition of Practical Tax Strategies, and a number of articles in the Tax Technology column of The Tax Adviser. He has been quoted in tax planning articles published in the Investors Business Daily, Your Company, Forbes and other magazines. He has participated in the AICPA's 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 Top Ten Technology Issues roundtables sponsored by the AICPA that are used to select the ten most important technology issues facing businesses today.

In addition to speaking at conferences, Ed has attended numerous national conferences on tax planning issues sponsored by the AICPA in recent years, including the 1997, 1998 and 1999 National Conferences on Federal Taxes (Washington, DC), 1997, 2000 and 2003 Advanced Estate Planning Conference (Phoenix, Boston and Scottsdale), 2001 AICPA Practitioner's Symposium (Orlando, FL), the 1998 and 1999 Employee Benefits Conference (Miami, FL and Phoenix, AZ) and the 2001 High Income Individuals Conference (Miami, FL). These conferences bring together CPAs from across the country with an interest in those areas to listen to presentations by nationally recognized experts in the fields involved.

Ed has been involved with online computer activities for many years, previously serving as a online forum sysop for discussion groups on the CompuServe information service, including the national Accountants’ forum sponsored by the American Institute of CPA’s and was part of a group that successfully formed a tax discussion group on the Internet (misc.taxes.moderated). He also has served as a member of a national users advisory committee that was formed by WordStar, International.

You can find a number of Ed's discussions on tax issues archived at the Google Groups web site, where you can browse the entire misc.taxes.moderated newsgroup archives. If clicking above didn't work (because you don't have a newsreader properly configured), you should be able to follow the group and read the various tax related discussions by using this link to the Google Groups misc.taxes.moderated page.

Ed current moderates the newsgroup on usenet.

Ed is a sports fan. He is also a member of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Phoenix and has previously served as a member of the board for the endowment foundation of the church and is currently church Financial Secretary.

Ed's electronic mail address is

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